Over the last few weeks, we’ve given you guys the op-paw-tunity to ask our posse of pussies absolutely anything you like, and jeez, did you get creative! We’ve discovered the number of legs Trixie’s preferred sexual partner would have (FYI, it’s somewhere between 0 and 750), what Kibbles would do first if he suddenly grew thumbs, and how many yoga sessions it took before Snooty Booty could get her head so far up her… well, snooty booty. But fun as that was, it’s nothing compared to what we’ve got planned for you guys next…


Ya’ like Italian?


Yep, that’s right, we’re giving you the chance to join game creators, Oli and Ruby, on a date, a purrfect date, IRL! Well, sorta’. It’ll be live streamed via Twitch, and you’re free to ask whatever the hell you want… assuming it covers cats, dating, and dating cats. Oh, and game making. Questions about game making would definitely be good!


The table’s booked for five o’clock sharp, at which time candles will be lit, wine will be poured, and questions will most certainly be answered. As for how you can submit said questions, either jot them down in the comments section below, tweet them @purrfectdate, or ask them live on the night. We’ll also be giving away five free copies of the game to five random viewers through the course of the stream, not to mention a PD goodie bag (think stickers, badges and our hot-of-the-press colouring book) to our fave question of the night!


So whether you’re a budding game designer desperate to learn more about how game’s are actually made, a crazy cat fan who simply HAS to get involved in any and all things cat, or simply a fan of the game, join us at 5pm this Thursday for the ultimate… Purrfect Date.