Yes, it meant fanning Snooty Booty with a leaf for the better part of an afternoon, not to mention an evening spent on my knees (Mind. Gutter. Out.) as her personal human footstool, but we finally convinced the posh puss to take a couple of minutes out of her pampering routine and answer the questions you guys sent in. And to think, all Kibbles asked for was a few rounds of Tekken! Anyway…
What’s your favourite purrrfume?
SB – I am naturally fragrant, my dear! My skin exudes a deliciously floral bouquet so I do not require enhancements. However, for those less fortunate in the aromatic gene pool I would recommend, Oh My Cat!
Do you use oil to keep your skin so smooth and hydrated?
SB – Deep moisturisation is vital to skincare. Oils and creams feature prominently in my kit bag, whenever I am fortunate enough to find them by the incinerators.
How can I get a date with you… IN RL?
SB – I believe Draa Valley in Morocco is known as the Country of the Date Palm, so I assume one would need to go there in order to harvest medjools (which is truly the only type of date worth eating). I also believe it to be rather laborious and indeed dangerous to gather the fruit, as date palms have long, hard thorny protrusions, which might easily dissever a human. I advise you to be extra vigilant, and when you present them to me, it goes without saying that they ought to be fully ripened.
Who were before you were catified? And under what circumstances did you first visit the island?
SB – I believe, if I were to answer this question, I would be effectively revealing what Kibbles informs me are called “spoilers”. Suffice to say, I have always been a creature of blue blood, true aristocracy, and as such have been able to spend much of my time travelling, mostly, by yacht.
How many yoga sessions did it take for you to be able to get your head that far up your snooty booty?
SB – My dear, I am as flexible as a pretzel! You have no idea the moves of which I am capable… continue to be obnoxious and we shall see just how flexible you can be!
Next week, we’ll be interviewing our very own Irish rover, Mr… *hic!*… McMurphy, so make sure you tweet us your questions @PurrfectDate! In the meantime, if Snooty Booty’s naturally fragrant skin and pretzel-like flexibility has left you hungry to discover more about her aristoCATish ways, download Purrfect Date here!