Between guest appearing at the New York Video Game Awards, officially being voted ‘Fan’s Favourite Feline’, making it into our list of ‘top ten pop-culture cats EVER‘, aaaand still squeezing in her morning meditation sesh, afternoon bikram class, and evening geologist gathering, we were never 100% sure that Trixie would ever get round to answering your questions. But absolute babe that she is, at the mere mention of fan-mail, she slipped into the wounded peacock (that’s a yoga position, FYI!), took a gulp of coconut water, and hammered her responses out with all the grace, style and decorum of… well, a peacock, actually!
Ya like hats?
T – …and I like romance!
How many legs should your preferred partner have?
T – Preferably between 0 (a la Lumbricina, the earthworm) and 750 (a la Illacme plenipes, the millipede). But really I don’t like to put any limitations on anyone. It’s personality that counts! Oh, and wealth. (…kidding – teehee!)
Are you good friends with Snooty Booty?
T – I’d say she was like a mother to me, except she doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body! We hang out; she comes to my cave and I clean her aura… but I think she mostly comes over to nap. And hey, she’s bald – what a statement haircut!
Of all the songs you love to sing and dance to, what’s your favourite? :3c
T – What a difficult question to answer! Wow! I’ve had to meditate on this for a while, and I cannot narrow it down to just one. My top five are All Is Full Of Love, Bjork. Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell. Wow, Kate Bush. Blue Moon, Billie Holiday, and Hand in my Pocket, Alanis Morissette.
Have you ever tried painting? (=^・ᆺ・^=))ノ彡☆
T – Tried? I love painting! Painting is so super-fabulously fun! Especially if you don’t much mind what the end result looks like, or what you look like covered in paint.
Following in the pawsteps of Kibbles, McMurphy and Snooty Booty, next week sees the Major AKA Floofybutt taking a turn in the hot seat. So whether you wanna know about his military tips when it comes to stamina, or if he ALWAYS takes command, tweet us your questions @PurrfectDate. In the meantime, if you fancy trying out a few new positions (that’s yoga positions. YOGA. POSITIONS) with Trixie, yourself, then download Purrfect Date now!