Cats are a lil’ like marmite. Either you absolutely head-over-heels love’ em, or… nah, who are we kidding?! Everyone categorically LOVES cats. Case closed. *Pounds hammer* Next! …that said, there is a fine, scratch-width line between instinctively smashing ‘like’ on every cat gif, meme, or general social post you see, and turning your home into an all-singing, all-dancing shrine to those adorable moggies. Today’s blog post is for the latter of those two camps; 5 ‘purrfect dates’ to do this Valentine’s Day if you’re a self-confessed crazy cat person.


Drink Tea at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium


Based in the hipster-mecca that is Shoreditch (I mean, where else?), Lady Dinah’s is the ultimate home-from-home, albeit with more cats (thirteen, by our count) and better puds… including their signature vegan cupcake topped with a very instagrammable, totally nom-inducing, rose-flavoured frosting! What’s not to love?!

Bookings are essential (cute cats, cakes and crockery… it’s literally millennial catnip!), and all visitors must abide by Mama Mue’s guide to cat cafe cat-iquette; no flash photography, and the like. So what’ll it be: an a-meow-icano or a short moggi-ato? *insert head-in-hands emoji here*


cat lover looking for things to do in london on valentine's day at lady dinah's cat emporium cafe


Book Tickets for London CatFest


It’s just as well Glasto’s taking the year off really, cos otherwise it would have had some serious competition on its hands what with the first-ever London Catfest making its debut this summer. We’re talking veggie street food, kitty-themed cocktails, and the chance to get all-glammed-up at the Glamour Puss beauty bar… which certainly sounds up Snooty Booty’s street!

Strictly speaking, it’s not actually on over Valentine’s Day, but tickets would make for an especially pawsome V-Day gift, especially as a percentage of every sale goes towards helping London cat rescue charity, Feline Friends.


cat lover looking for things to do in london on valentine's day at London cat fest


Watch The Lion King Musical


Yes, the obvious choice here would’ve been Andrew Lloyd Webber’s moggie-masterpiece, Cats, but while it’s off touring God-knows-where around the world, The Lion King’s a more than worthy stand in. Besides, Simba’s rite of passage is the highest-grossing production in box-office history, so yeah, take that Cats!


cat lover looking for things to do in london on valentine's day at Lion King musical


Play Purrfect Date on Your iPhone!


So as you’ve no doubt heard (and this is a fair assumption, considering you are reading the official PD blog at this very moment), your fave dating-sim-with-a-twist, Purrfect Date’s now available on iPhone and iPad!

That’s right. And personally, we can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day (aside from these four other fab suggestions) than sprawled out on the paw-droppingly beautiful Cat Island beach (read: curled up on the sofa), glass of red in one hand, phone in the other, dating a string a fair and fetching felines. Oh, you too? Then download it meow!


cat lover looking for things to do in london on valentine's day playing purrfect date game


Visit the Land of the Lions at London Zoo


London Zoo’s newest and most ambitious exhibit to date, Land of the Lions transports its visitors to the vibrant Sasan Gir of India… almost as quickly as our new app will zip you halfway across the world to Cat Island (did we mention Purrfect Date’s now on mobile?).

Allowing you to get closer than ever before to the mighty Asiatic lions, this interactive experience has you helping the forest rangers deal with a ‘lion-emergency’ in the Gir Forest, and lend a hand to the veterinary team who come to the rescue. Valentines Day in a nutshell.

cat lover looking for things to do in london on valentine's day at land of the lions, london zoo

So, crazy cat lovers, let us know what you’ve got planned for Valentine’s Day in the comments below, and if the prospect of spending it with a posse of pussies has you hot under the cat collar, you know what to do!