It was never gonna be a walk in the park when it came to interviewing Purrfect Date’s McMurphy. One, he’s not a dog. And two, he’s rather fond of the ol’ giggle juice, as you’ve no doubt discovered yourself by now! And so you can imagine my jaw-to-the-floor astonishment when the Irish rover suggested conducting said Q&A over a civil cup of coffee… is what I would say had that been the case. Which it absolutely was not.
Anyone got any paracetamol…? *hic! *
If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cocktails count 😉
M – Rum. No, wait, whisky. No… ale! Ah, come on, cara, how am I meant to answer such a difficult question?
Okay, time to fess up! Exactly what was that mystery drink that you buried on the island? :3
M – Depends which drink you’re talkin’ about? I have many a secret stash on the island.
Who’s your fave cat on the island?
M – Let me pass on a little bit of advice, cara; never let your favourite be known and never name the well from which you will not drink!
Who would you pick between a ninja or a pirate companion?
M – Well, a pirate would be more likely to have rum to share…
What music would be playing in your dream pub?
M – The Pogues 100%
Hoppy beer: yes or no?
M – Whether hoppy or unhoppy, any beer makes me happy.
How are you so handsome??
M – Beauty is as beauty does, cara, and I treat everyone as a potential drinking buddy!
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